Charlotte Gray – Sebastian Faulks


Pages: 496

Published: 1998

Challenges: WWII reading challenge; Read your name; Colourful reading challenge
Support your local library challenge

Rating: 4.5/5

I wish you very well. For the sake of those who are old and those about to die you must make something glorious of your life. That would mean something to those less free to choose

1942 – London. Charlotte Gray, a young intelligent Scottish woman is recruited by a British special operations group and sent to France on a fairly “simple” courier mission to help the local resistance. Unofficially she is there to search for her lover, Peter Gregory a British Pilot, missing in action.

There are many facets to this story. Charlotte’s personal journey and her relationships with the people of Lavaurette; and her need to find out what has happened to the man she loves form a part of the story.The heart of this story I think is the effect of the war on France and her people and their response to the German occupation. The deep division between those that are almost accepting of the occupation finding it preferrable to the perceived alternative of communism should the allies win, and those that cannot tolerate it and the absolute horrors inflicted on the Jewish people.

Like Sebastian Faulks’s earlier book, “Birdsong”, I found that this one started off quite slowly. Not so much the plot but the emotional intensity which doesn’t hit you until the final part of the book. When it did hit, it was very powerful and quite overwhelming.


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