The Victorian Chaise-longue – Marghanita Laski

The Victorian Chaise-longue

Melanie who is recovering from TB and the birth of her first child has been confined to bed rest. Doted on by her husband, doctor and nursemaid, she is delighted to be allowed to repair from her bed to her victorian chaise -longue which she had picked up in a charity shop. The idea of resting on the chaise longue seems like such freedom after the confines of the bed. She settles in for a restful nap…..
… and wakes up no longer Melly but Milly, she is the same person but in another woman’s body and if that wasn’t enough she has been transported back to Victorian times where she is still confined to bed rest, still on the chaise-longue. No matter how she tries to communicate it, nobody believes that she is not Milly. The spiralling events in Milly’s life are happening to Melanie and there is nothing she can do about it.

The concept behind this little book is certainly terrifying. It’s like having one of those dreams where you try to speak or shout but nothing happens or you are desperately trying to look at something but no matter how hard you try it is impossible to focus. I think the feeling of being trapped of having absolutely no control would be very frightening.

Unfortunately though I didn’t feel any of this terror for Melanie as I read this story. I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen but in a curious way rather than actually caring about what happened to her. While it was a clever idea, I would have liked to have felt more when reading it

Published: 1953
Pages: 99
Challenges: Guardian 1000 novels, R.I.P IV challenge


10 responses to “The Victorian Chaise-longue – Marghanita Laski

  1. I just read a book where I couldn’t make myself care about the main character but continued to read just to find out what happened. It made for a very long read. I know I will get to this Persephone someday but it is far down on my wishlist.

  2. I didn’t feel the terror either although found it atmospheric. It isn’t a patch on her Little Boy Lost.

  3. I read this recently and like you, felt no terror or fear for the main character.

    I didn’t realise it is on the Guardian 1000 book list. It is good to know I’ve crossed another one off!

  4. Very interested in your review, I have just ordered this book and am eargerly awaiting it’s arival, thanks for the review, when I read it I will come back and compare notes.

  5. Book Psmith – I think there will be a lot of Persephone books that I will enjoy more. I don’t mind too much, think I would like to read all of them eventually. I hope your next few reads are wonderful!

    Claire – Little Boy Lost is definitely high up on my list and I also think my library has a copy – bliss!

    Jackie – It was a bonus for me as well especially as it comes under Science Fiction and Fantasy and I was struggling a bit with those. Just a comedy book to go and I will be done!

    Sharon – Happy reading – I look forward to your thoughts!

  6. I look forward to reading this one day. If the book is good I don’t care so much if I feel terror…the atmosphere is what I am really looking for. I’ve read some very positive reviews on this one and so-so reviews as well and with both I am still interested enough to give it a try some day. I won’t be rushing out to get it, however.

  7. I have recently read this one and I can understand why you didn’t feel much for Melanie, I found her rather irritating at first, but I did like the ideas in the book, it gave me something to think about. Enjoying reading your blog.

  8. Sharon – Thank you 0:) And I agree about the book having interesting ideas, as I got through it, I had more to think about as well. I’ll pop over and read your review..

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