The Woman in Black – Play

The Woman in Black 3

A few week’s ago I read Susan Hill’s atmospheric The Woman in Black. It was my first experience of a ghost story that I can remember. It had lots of little thrills and I enjoyed it.

Last night we headed out with other Halloween creatures to see the highly acclaimed play. It was excellent! The Fortune Theatre is a fittingly atmsopheric venue – it’s old and narrow and creaky. Every time somebody moved in their seat it sounded like a squeaky door slowly opening….

The story of the story is told by just two characters (well three really..!) with minimal props and is really well done. After a slowish first half, the frights came in the second – creepy rocking chairs and music boxes… plenty of gasps and jumping in the audience. Lots of fun!

If anybody has the chance to see it – I would definitely recommend it.


5 responses to “The Woman in Black – Play

  1. I enjoyed it too !!

  2. I was planning on seeing this but you have certainly persuaded me that I must! A great way to spend Hallowe’en and I did consider it at one point but maybe next year.

  3. Claire – next year sounds good! It was a fun thing to do for Halloween and the first time I’ve done something especially for it. I wouldn’t have considered it before joining the lovely book blogging world 0:)

  4. What great Halloween fun! Lucky you. And the book was such fun too. Happy reading today!

  5. Frances – thank you! Happy reading to you today as well 🙂

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