November Novella Challenge

November novella

Hosted by J.T at Bibliofreak

Guidelines: For this challenge, there are 4 levels of participation:

Level I: Read one (just one!) novella by November 30, 2009

Level II: Read four novellas (one each week, perhaps?) by November 30, 2009

Level III: Read eight novellas (two a week?) by November 30, 2009

Level IV: AKA, the As Many As You Freakin’ Can level: Read as many novellas as you freakin’ can by November 30, 2009

I think this is a lovely idea and I would love to spend the whole of November snuggled up with and surrounded by novellas. I’m behind on my other challenge reading though so have opted for 4 novellas. I never realised how many there were until I started looking.

Some ideas:
The Golden Pot – E T A Hoffman
Chess – Stefan Zweig
The Invention of Morel – Adolpho Bioy Casares
The Passport – Herta Muller
The Uncommon Reader – Alan Bennett
Disquiet – Julia Leigh
Death in Venice – Thomas Mann
The Girl with the Golden Eyes – Honore de Balzac
Lois the Witch – Elizabeth Gaskell
Up at the Villa – W. Somerset Maugham
The Pumpkin Eater – Penelope Mortimer

Happy reading to everybody joining in.


6 responses to “November Novella Challenge

  1. Welcome to the challenge! And don’t worry, I’m behind on all of my other challenges too! 🙂

  2. J.T – Thank you and for your reassurance! Good luck with finishing all your challenges 🙂

  3. Tracey,
    Here is my recommendation for a novella – “The Visitor” by Maeve Brennan (98 pages). Also check out my latest blog entry for a writer who writes great novellas / short novels :

  4. Tony – thanks so much for this recommendation. I hadn’t heard of it and it looks excellent. I will definitely be looking out for a copy.

  5. I definitely recommend The Uncommon Reader!

  6. novelinsights – Thank you! I have this one from the library and have heard good things 0:)

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