The Silver Bear – Derek Haas

I am participating in Rebecca’s Colourful reading challenge and had come to the time when I needed a book with silver in the title. My boyfriend came across The Silver Bear, a novel about a hitman. The only other options seemed to be fantasy or a childrens story which are not my favourites so The Silver Bear it was.

I’m smiling as I write this because I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s a first person account by “Colombus” of his life as a highly skilled assassin, how he came to be what he is and the sacrifices he has made for his profession. Because it’s told in the first person it all seems a bit dramatic and there are lots of very cheesy, over the top descriptions of things. But.. and this is what makes me smile.. I liked it and read it really quickly.

It was a pure escapist read and I don’t think I would really recommend it unless the subject really appeals, but it was fun. One reviewer on Amazon described it as a guilty pleasure and I think this sums it up perfectly. And there is a sequel. I wonder if I will be tempted to read it!


7 responses to “The Silver Bear – Derek Haas

  1. Sometimes indulging a guilty pleasure is just the thing we need!

  2. “boyfriend” !! I think that Rocky disputes that !

  3. I heard the sequel is fantastic. 😉

  4. I couldn’t resist. I’m just glad to be included in the color challenge and I’m happy you enjoyed the book.

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