Themed Reading challenge

February 14 – August 14, 2010

Wendy is once again hosting the Themed Reading Challenge for 2010. This is a six month challenge designed to help readers clear books from their to-be-read stacks which center around a common theme or themes.

My goal: Read at least 5 books which share the same theme.

It’s been lots of fun deciding on a theme for this challenge. I was thinking of choosing books in translation or New Zealand authors but in the end, with my TBR list in mind, I have picked authors with the first name of Elizabeth
and will choose from the delights below:

Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford or Wives and Daughters. This will also be the second read for the Elizabeth Gaskell mini challenge

Elizabeth Goudge

Green Dolphin Country –   I have this already. It’s huge so can double up for the chunkster challenge

Elizabeth Knox

The Vintner’s Luck –  NZ author and a nice read for Carl’s Once Upon a Time challenge in the Spring maybe.

Elizabeth Kostova

Either The Swan Thieves (ideally) or The Historian

Elizabeth Taylor

I have heard such good things about this author.  I borrowed Blaming from the library last year but didn’t get to it.  Second time lucky hopefully.

Elizabeth Bowen

Eva Trout if possible which won the James Tait Black prize in 1969 and will fit in nicely with the Book Awards challenge

Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love – This one is earmarked for holiday reading later in the year. All we need to do now is book the holiday!

Elizabeth von Arnim

The Enchanted April – published in 1922, this could double up with the Decades challenge.  Elizabeth von Arnim was born in Australia and moved to England when she was three.  I think it would be pushing it a bit to include her for the Aussie Author challenge? Maybe as a bonus read…

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Blank Wall is a psychological thriller and a Persephone book. Sounds like an intriguing combination and I am excited to see that Claire at Paperback Reader has the banner up for the next Persephone reading week (3-9 May).

So there they are, the Eliz(s)abeth’s…

9 responses to “Themed Reading challenge

  1. I am such a fan of themed reading, especially when it tackles books already on the TBR stacks. Both The Enchanted April and The Blank Wall are great reads and the latter will be perfect for Persephone Reading Week.

    • Claire – this will be my first themed reading challenge but I’m loving the idea. It’s like an invitation to create our own challenge. I’m pleased to hear both these are great reads. I definitely have The Blank Wall earmarked for Persephone reading week – can’t wait (not that I want to wish my life away…)

  2. What an interesting choice of theme – so many wonderful literary Elizabeths. Good luck with the challenge!

  3. What a fun theme – I’ve never consciously tried theme reading, but it’s an intriguing idea. I love Elizabeth von Arnim and Wives and Daughters is my favourite Gaskell – hope you enjoy!

    • Claire – it does sound like fun doesn’t it? Elizabeth von Arnim seems verywell liked (I have her name spelt correctly now which is always a bonus). I loved Gaskell’s North and South so if Wives and Daughters comes close to that, I will be happy!

  4. Oh The Enchanted April is fabulous!! Someone called it confection for the mind – it’s so true.


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