Virago Reading Week 24 – 30 January

How lovely. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a week of reading Virago Modern Classics hosted by Rachel at Book Snob and Carolyn at A Few of my Favourite Books. I’ve read a handful only of the 500+ books on the list so have a wonderful selection left to choose from. My local library here I come, it will be pot luck which will be fun – I’m hoping to be able to choose from:

A Transit to Venus – Shirley Hazzard
The Enchanted April – Elizabeth von Armin
An Angel at my Table – Janet Frame ( this one is wishful thinking as I don’t think my library has a copy!)
The Tortoise and the Hare – Elizabeth Jenkins
Summer Will Show – Syliva Townsend-Warner (more wishful thinking)
Invitation to the Waltz (Rosamond Lehmann)
Something by Nina Bawden, Molly Keane or Elizabeth Taylor

I’ll probably come away with something different entirely. Happy reading to everybody joining in.

6 responses to “Virago Reading Week 24 – 30 January

  1. look forward to your virago reviews not many of theres so hopefully have some more to add ,all the best stu

  2. I’m so glad you will be joining us! Whatever you choose, it looks like you’ll get some fantastic reading done this week, and I look forward to seeing what books make the cut!

  3. Hello, it’s lovely to have you back blogging again (I missed you) and I’m going to join you in the Virago Challenge with Mrs Miniver. It’s been on my TBR for ages so this is a good time to read it:)

    • Lisa – thank you, that’s really kind and appreciated. It’s lovely to be back blogging. That’s great that you are joining in as well this week. I’m going to squeeze in as much as I can on the train to work and hopefully dedicate a few hours at the weekend. Hope you enjoy Mrs Miniver – happy reading!

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