Rendezvous – Esther Verhoef

It was the cover of Rendezvous that attracted me to it even though I read it on kindle in the end. I really like the cover, a reflection I think of a woman stripped bare in every sense of the word.

The story is told in the first person by Simone who has moved from a fast paced life in Holland to a remote area in France with her husband and two children. They have bought a very run down old house and plan on renovating it and turning it into chambre d’hotes, a bed and breakfast. The house is in much worse condition than they orginally thought and a team of local workmen arrive to help. With them they bring temptation and danger and before long Simone’s life begins to unravel.

We know at the beginning of the story that Simone has been detained by the police for questioning. She is desperate. It takes a while before the nature of the crime is revealed.

The book is very readable, it would make a great holiday read and I know if I had been lying by a pool reading it I wouldn’t have been wanting to stop until it was finished. The story isn’t complicated, but has an element of suspense that reminded me a bit of the writing of Nicci French whose books I really like.

Translated from the Dutch by Alexander Smith.

336 pages, 2010


8 responses to “Rendezvous – Esther Verhoef

  1. I found this to be a great, entertaining read too. I haven’t tried any Nicci French yet, but your comaprison to her makes me want to try one of her books.

    • Jackie – Yes do try a Nicci French, they have the same fast paced style with a bit more of the thriller and have a definite creepy element to them too. I really enjoyed both Beneath the Skin and Killing Me Softly.

  2. You’ve made me really curious about this one! Now I want to know about the crime!

    • Anna – you might need to squeeze in a read of this one to find out! Don’t read any reviews on Amazon beforehand though as I think the product description gives that away!

  3. Nice blog, Tracey.

  4. Your review was so compelling I just ordered on Just now. Now I have to sit by the mailbox and wait until July 7th. 😉

    Looking forward to talking A Moveable Feast with you!

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