A little blogging holiday…

Hello – I’m posting from New Zealand, I’m here for a little wedding gathering – my own!

That combined with the demise of my faithful and elderly laptop has meant little blogging opportunities over the past few weeks so I’ve decided to take a little break until later in February.

While I’m in NZ, I’m hoping to pick up two books that should be easier to find here than in the UK just now – Autumn Laing by Alex Miller and So Brilliantly Clever by Peter Graham. So Brilliantly Clever is a non fiction book about the murder in 1954 of a mother by two school girls, one of them being her daughter. The film Heavenly Creatures with a young Kate Winslet was based on this murder and the case was a huge sensation at the time. This latest book was published in 2011 and I’m interested to read Peter Graham’s take on it.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy few weeks of reading..


10 responses to “A little blogging holiday…

  1. Congratulations! Wishing you many years of happiness together, Lisa

  2. I’m so happy for you with your wedding! May the Lord bless you in your new life with your beloved; can’t wait to hear what details you should wish to share from your time in New Zealand. Oh, and the books, too, of course. 😉

    • Bellezza – thank you for your lovely blessing and for your interest as always. What a wonderful yet hectic time a wedding can be! I look forward to sharing some snipits a little later on 0:)

  3. Congratulations!! I hope you’ll share some pictures!

  4. Have a wonderful wedding and enjoy your NZ trip! Congratulations and all the best!

  5. Congratulations Tracey! What a pleasant surprise, have a wonderful wedding, at least it’s warmer. 🙂

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