Reading through the Seasons challenge completed!


Level 1: read four books, one for each season.
Level 2: read 16 books, four for each season.

My goal: Level 1 – 4 books

Timeframe: January 1 – December 31 2009

A big thank you to Book Dragon’s Lair for hosting this fun challenge. I’m grateful to have chosen level 1 and not level 2! I procrastinated over these reads, especially a book with summer in the title for some reason. Perhaps it was because there were so many summer books to choose from. Autumn seemed to have the least number of books.

There isn’t a standout favourite – I liked them all except for A girl in Winter which I found a bit disappointing.

Books read:

A girl in winter – Philip Larkin
Summertime – J.M. Coetzee
The Beginning of spring – Penelope Fitzgerald
Kinshu: Autumn brocade – Teru Miyamoto

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