Book Awards 3 Challenge – Completed!


A big thank you to 3M at One More Chapter for hosting this challenge.

Guidelines: Read 5 books from 5 different awards

Timeframe: July 1 – December 1 2009

I hadn’t heard of most of these different book awards. What a treasure trove of choices for future reading. I’m already looking forward to next year’s challenge. This is one I will definitely participate in again.

Books read:

Kerri Hulme, The Bone People (Booker )
Alice Walker – The Colour Purple (Pulitzer)
A Golden Age – Tahmima Anam (Commonwealth Writers Best overall first book)
J.M. Coetzee (Summertime) (Nobel prize winner)

The Eye of the Needle – Ken Follett (Edgar)

2 responses to “Book Awards 3 Challenge – Completed!

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