A Colourful Reading Challenge – Completed!

A big thank you to Rebecca at Lost in Books for hosting this challenge.

Timeframe: 1st January – 31st December 2009

Rules: The point of the challenge was to read 9 books with 9 different colors in the title. Six colors were required, while the last 3 can be your choice. Books may be overlapped with other challenges. At least 6 of the books should be new to you (doesn’t matter which 6).

This was the challenge with the highest number of books for me in 2009. It was a true challenge. On the whole I had to pick books specifically. All of the books were new reads. It was interesting to discover the popularity of certain colours. I found plenty with white and green especially in the title.


1. BLUE: The Blue Flower – Penelope Fitzgerald

2. RED: The Red Book – Meaghan Delahunt

3. WHITE: The Woman in White – Wilkie Collins

4. BLACK: The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

5. SILVER: A Silver Bear – Derek Haas

6. GOLD: A Golden Age – Tahmima Anam


1. GRAY – Charlotte Gray – Sebastian Faulks 4.5/5

2. PURPLE – The Colour Purple – Alice Walker

3. YELLOW – Yellow – Janni Visman

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