The Snowman – Jo Nesbo

I have to admit the only reason I read The Snowman was because of the reference to the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo being the next Stieg Larsson. A total pushover I was especially as crime books are not normally my thing – give me a spy story any day! There are some similarities with the Millenium series but I found the style of the two to be quite different. I’m still happy to have been so easily seduced though, The Snowman was a real page turner with one scene inparticular that was especially chilling – in more ways than one. If the book is ever made into a movie I can imagine a lot of screams at that point!

The Snowman is the 7th book in a series featuring Police Inspector Harry Hole. Interestingly the first two books have not been translated so it is the fifth in the series available to English readers.

Harry Hole has a reputation as an expert on serial killers although has never had to invesigate a case in his own country – until now. Women are disappearing and the further Harry and his new partner look into it, the more disturbing similarities between each case they find and the more personally involved Harry finds himself becoming. The whole snowman link had the desired effect of being quite scary I thought.

The plot wasn’t perfect, there was a red herring thrown in that I didn’t find that convincing but (like the Stieg Larsson books) that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it overall. The question now is whether to carry on from here and read the next in the series The Leopard or go back to the beginnng and catch up on the previous 4 books.

Translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett

2010, 576 pages

11 responses to “The Snowman – Jo Nesbo

  1. Hey, I bought it just because of that yellow spot with the Stieg Larsson comparison too!
    Good to see you enjoyed it, I will have to dig it out of the TBR bookcase and see for myself! Or (potentially depending on what you do next) I might have to go back to the start first, and read from the start of the series.

    • Yvann – thanks so much for your comment! The joys of marketing! I’ve read in a few reviews that this is the best book so far in the series so will be interesting to see how the earlier ones fare – I hope you enjoy whichever one you start with and will look out for your thoughts,

  2. I agree – this would make a very scary film. I’m sure it will happen sooner or later, but I’m not sure I want to watch it – I’d have nightmares!

  3. A friend of mine started reading this recently and confessed she didn’t feel comfortable reading it at night! I haven’t tried Jo Nesbo yet, mainly because I didn’t particularly enjoy ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and didn’t read the rest of the Millenium series. I actually thought the Swedish film was much better than the book – it focused on the dark, sinister storyline and great characters. I do wonder how the Hollywood remake will fair!

    • Alison – If your friend lives alone or somewhere currently snowy then I totally understand her not wanting to read this at night!

      I agree with you on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film. I liked the realness of it, ordinary looking people and the dark issues in the book weren’t glossed over. I did wonder though how easy it would have been to follow if I hadn’t read the book. I too hope the Hollywood version stays true to the essence of the book.

      Even thought I am a fan of the Millenium books, I found The Snowman much easier to read, not nearly as detailed or complicated and actually quite different – so if you do read it you might love it – hope so!

  4. Sounds like I best give Jo Nesbo a go! I do love a scary book, but you do have to pick where and when you read it! I’m sure a commuter train will be safe enough!

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